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Telemketing.com is a Dynamic, full capabilities Call Center Outsourcing Company specializing in Inbound, Outbound and E-commerce Telemarketing, Customer Service, that provides a broad range of Telecommunications Services to its retail and Wholesale Customers Worldwide. We are a global, full-service, Multilingual Customer Contact Management Service provider, supplying Inbound, Outbound, Web Enabled and Call Center Outsourcing Services for businesses. Call Center Consulting and Referals is exactly what we do. Telemkting Find and refer the most preferred clients and campaigns. Eliminate the need to deal with a broker.

Telemarketing Mortgage Lead Generation

We are a Leader in the Mortgage Lead Market, currently delivering hot Mortgage Lead to agents throughout US (nation wide), Europe (UK) and Australia. Telemarketing’s goal is to have industry’s best products, most loyal customers, and most efficient operational mode.

Imagine what your loan officers could do with targeted, fresh mortgage prospects just waiting to close with you We simply charge an agreed upon price per Qualified Lead to a total maximum number of Leads per week set by you.

You only pay for Actual Leads and we do the lead Acquisition. Telemarketing expertizes in exclusive mortgage leads. Mortgage Lead Services for Brokers: We have highly successful and proven process to Generate Mortgage Leads through Telemarketing. Process: Determine market you wish to target (Geographical area, Prime or Sub-prime, etc).

Determine other parameters you want included in your leads Choose from among the many proven scripts we utilize. We shall maintain steady flow of leads based on your Number of Loan Officers and Capacity. If you are looking for Bulk Mortgage Leads in your area, you've come to the right place for Fresh Mortgage Leads.

Our mortgage leads are exclusive and we deliver them the same day they are generated. Most important they are qualified by Rate and LTV. Our clients close 30-50%, on average.

To explore how Telemarketing can bring more revenue to your business, contact us and we shall strategize and implement the right plan for you