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Telemketing.com is a Dynamic, full capabilities Call Center Outsourcing Company specializing in Inbound, Outbound and E-commerce Telemarketing, Customer Service, that provides a broad range of Telecommunications Services to its retail and Wholesale Customers Worldwide. We are a global, full-service, Multilingual Customer Contact Management Service provider, supplying Inbound, Outbound, Web Enabled and Call Center Outsourcing Services for businesses. Call Center Consulting and Referals is exactly what we do. Telemkting Find and refer the most preferred clients and campaigns. Eliminate the need to deal with a broker.

Outbound Telemarketing Services

Telemkting is the best-known provider of outbound telemarketing services, live operator direct marketing services.

We offer an extensive level of expertise and experience in outbound telemarketing and customer acquisition. Our clients rely on us to provide outbound telemarketing service for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Our extensive experience in outbound telemarketing, along with our technological solutions, quality assurance programs, and commitment to customer service excellence has helped many well-known corporations achieve maximum results from their direct marketing efforts.

Outbound Telemarketing Results:
Our rigorous adherence to a highly cost efficient, results-based production and management process allows us to provide extraordinary outbound telemarketing results for your project. Our outbound telemarketing services clients benefit from cost-effective and complaint-free production, consistently delivered to them by a responsive and supportive team of call management professionals.

Telemkting's formula for outbound telemarketing service success begins with a thorough understanding of your business. We understand the differences between business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) outbound telemarketing, and use experienced management to focus on the unique requirements of each client and their targeted market.

Outbound Telemarketing: Consumer Direct Services
The primary focus of our outbound telemarketing is product sales. With Telemkting outbound telemarketing we initiate contact with consumers who have been identified by our clients as existing or potential customers. Additional outbound applications may include:

  • Product Registration
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Campaigns
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Enhancement and Management
  • Customer Service
  • Verification

More Outbound Telemarketing Information
Telemkting's expertise in outbound telemarketing can provide you with the edge you need for your next project. Contact us today to discuss the outbound telemarketing needs of your business with one of our outbound telemarketing experts. They will be able to develop a customized outbound telemarketing solution that will provide you maximum results.

Telemkting specializes in outbound telemarketing services because we are first and foremost a service organization with a focus on client acquisition and retention. We provide our clients with sales, up-sell, and cross-sell techniques that will meet and exceed even their most aggressive sales and retention objectives.

Finding an outbound telemarketing services center that specializes in sales is a difficult task. Effective telemarketing sales require a combination of strategy, technical support, implementation, and sales culture to produce profitable results. Telemkting's call centers can provide your business with the unmatched performance and skill not found in most outbound telemarketing centers. In addition to our many sales and service features, Telemkting's staff is highly skilled at offering "up-sell" and "cross-sell", while still providing your customers with the high quality service that they expect.

Telemkting, an outbound telemarketing company, knows how important it is for an outbound telemarketing call center to provide a positive experience for our client's customers. We understand that we are an extension of our client’s company and ensure that our agents are selling their products as if they were our own. Our customers’ testimonials place us way ahead in comparison to other outbound telemarketing companies.

Our efficient project management and process flow allows Telemkting to begin projects on time, meet goals, avoid IS complications, and complete projects in the designated time frame, resulting in profitable outbound telemarketing services and optimum client satisfaction. We have a state-of-the-art outbound call center offering a full range of outbound telemarketing service, outbound call center services

Below are some of the features we provide with each outbound telemarketing project.

Why Outbound Telemarketing?
Affordable for even the smaller businesses; as an example you can use our telemarketing service to implement a full-scale telemarketing campaign for less than £50 a day. This incredibly includes all of the following benefits:
  • A telemarketing professional fully trained in you products/ service and dedicated to calling your prospects all day
  • No phone charges for you to pay
  • No need for you to hire extra desk space
  • Call handling by well trained and experienced marketing professionals
  • No need for you to pay wages or taxes associated with wages
  • No hassle of hiring and training new staff
  • No training or hiring costs